Welcome to Being Curious! my personal blog.

This blog is all about casual and undisclosed fascinating tales of our favorite places in the world which we have already visited or it’s on our bucket list. The blog will tell us few interesting facts which we may or may not be aware of our favorite destination. Let us learn about our neighbors and other countries, after all, the world is our place to live in.

Apart from these, I will take the liberty to use this space to share my own thoughts, knowledge, and experiences on anything and everything which runs through my mind of course out of being curious!  

Every week I will try to come up with some informative and interesting stories of some great nation, places,  personal experiences and thoughts beyond its shield.

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Social Media contribution to seamless travel

Social media has made a huge impact on many areas especially in tourism industries which are nothing short of paramount. The impact of social media can be claimed by witnessing the popularity of a number of travel websites, written reviews and blogs or photo and video sharing. The increasing number of smart apps and 24 hours web … Continue reading Social Media contribution to seamless travel

A city that grabs you with all your senses! It’s Mumbai…part 2

Mumbai has always been projected as a city of limitless possibilities. Whether it is Bollywood or business. It gives the opportunity for everyone to achieve their dreams of becoming something big. Perhaps the only city in India where your hard work, determination, and perseverance defines you who you are and not where you are coming … Continue reading A city that grabs you with all your senses! It’s Mumbai…part 2

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